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Andrew is the UK Author of The Tribute Of Babylon trilogy. Books one and two available now on Amazon. His author page is at
British tank eu flag

Is the UK Military Being Absorbed by the EU Superstate? (Despite Brexit)

The Daily Star, a low quality, often sensation-grabbing newspaper, ran with the headline "UK Tanks and Troops Ready for War..." Normally, I don’t bother with those sort of papers, but I had to look...
Browsed County sheriff's office evacuated Parkland students

The Florida School Shooting: Was There a Second Shooter?

A former student unleashed a hail of gunfire in a Florida high school on Wednesday, killing at least 17 adults and children. Florida Gov. Rick Scott ordered government flags flown at half-staff through Monday, in...

How Did We Get Here?

To a casual observer, we seem to have stumbled into a dystopian nether world. After a quick glance around, it appears to be primarily populated by a loud and vocal minority, obsessed with image...

The Russians are Hacking the Oscars

On Feb 6th, Olivia Salon wrote about The White Helmets (of Syria) being the victims of a propaganda campaign. It was in The Guardian; The film-maker behind the Oscar-nominated documentary Last Men in Aleppo has been targeted by...

The Man Who Would be King

Most people would be surprised if a businessman offered to openly fund an attempt to undo a democratic vote, taken by the people of a country that is not your own. The Hungarian-American billionaire George...
bbc propaganda

British Pravda

Whenever there is a coup, or a dictator wants to establish a regime, the first thing they do, once they have consolidated a power base is not to take command of the military, the...

How Fake News Shapes the Narrative

There was a time, not so long ago, when fake news was not so pervasive. You could open a paper or turn on the nightly news and catch up on what was happening in...

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