Danny Wolf

Agitator-in-Chief Danny Wolf is a Libertarian commentator, covering American politics, economics and assorted absurdities with a dash of humor, no artificial facts added, hold the Marxism.

Excuse the Mess, We’re Moving

Readers, The Columbian Post and its staff are moving to our new home at The Sentinel (catchier, don't you think?). All of the great content you love will be there, along with the sarcasm you've come...

David Hogg was at Home During the Parkland Shooting?

In a recently released excerpt of a CBS video documentary with the students behind the March For Our Lives movement, David Hogg seems to candidly admit he wasn't at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...

Blunt-Force Truth: Trump is no Reagan

Signing a 2,232 page bill that nobody has read is an unconscionable abuse of office, and an inexcusable waste of taxpayer-funded printer cartridges. I have never been more disappointed in not only the Republican...

Package Theft Drops in Aftermath of Austin Bombings

After 5 separate explosive devices, disguised as packages, killed 2 Austin residents and injured several others, locals have been justifiably on edge about accepting or opening packages delivered to their door. However, Austin authorities have...

Breitbart is Adrift and Taking on Water

Breitbart is bleeding readers and capital. The embattled masthead is adrift and quickly sinking, now that Steve Bannon is no longer at the helm. Part of this is due to Bannon's exile from both Breitbart...

Muslims Violently Attack Police & Bystanders at Tommy Robinson’s Speech at Speakers’ Corner

As Tommy Robinson read Martin Sellner's speech at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, London today, a mob of angry Muslims violently attacked bystanders and British police. Videos of the event show several Muslims clashing with...

Man Pretending to be Journalist Reports on Patriot Wearing Pepe Shirt

During President Trump's speech to a group of U.S. Marines at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, CNN reporter impostor Jim Acosta highlighted the single most important and noteworthy occurrence of the day's events.   Read More

Communist Radicals Try to Censor the Columbian Post

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about Revolutionary Student Front Austin recruiting and arming students with mental illnesses. Now, they're fighting us in court to censor our coverage of them. We recently received a Cease...

The Altcoins to Know in 2018

Bitcoin is a hotter topic than ever this year, thanks largely to its massive gains late in 2017. Despite the fact that the digital currency has come back down to Earth, so to speak,...
Russia threatens to nuke florida

Putin Threatens to Nuke Florida

Floridians may have more than just mass shooters and cowardly sheriffs to worry about. After Russian President Vladimir Putin extended his condolences to victims of the Parkland shooting, progressives were somewhat confused as to...

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