3 Billboards: Hollywood’s Exploitation of Tragedy

3 Billboards sadly missed the mark regardless of what the academy says! Granted, Francis MacDormatt was great as usual, however, the story is far from reality. The movie exploits...

Artist Brilliantly Trolls Hollywood With Harvey Weinstein Casting Couch

HOLLYWOOD — A local street artist, known as Plastic Jesus, has joined in on the Oscars trollfest, inspired by conservative artist Sabo's contribution: three billboards saying, “And the Oscar for...

Hollywood’s Newest Marketing Strategy is to Bully Audiences Into Submission

Hollywood films suffered the worst year of ticket sales in more than two decades in 2017, and studios are struggling to conceptualize new methods to bring audiences back to the...

The Russians are Hacking the Oscars

On Feb 6th, Olivia Salon wrote about The White Helmets (of Syria) being the victims of a propaganda campaign. It was in The Guardian; The film-maker behind the Oscar-nominated documentary Last Men in...

BBC Rewrites History by Making Achilles Black

Apparently BBC and Netflix have declared themselves the real-life adaptation of Orwell's Ministry of Truth, as they have chosen to blackwash the Trojan War and Greek mythology in their...

Real Housewives’ LuAnn de Lesseps Facing Prison Sentence

As the result of an alcohol-fueled Christmas Eve, Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn de Lesseps is now facing five years in prison. After trespassing into the wrong...

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