February 20, 2018

Seen.life: How Fringe News Became a Fringe Network

Seen.life is advertised as a “free speech” Facebook alternative. The social network gained popularity after an article detailing a supposed "Facebook privacy bombshell" went viral in January, 2015, the...
Twitter's War on the Alt Right

Twitter’s War on the Right

*Original article published December 18, 2017 Twitter rolled out its new rules today, which include a plan to suspend accounts associated with hate groups “on and off the platform.” The...
Pot Meet Kettle

Fake News Calls Conservative Outlets Fake News

The "esteemed" editors at Accredited Times have nominated themselves the de facto experts on the definition of accredited media outlets. All irony aside, they have published a list of...

California’s Energy Crisis

SAN DIEGO — California has the highest cost of electricity in the nation, as revealed in an investigation by The Los Angeles Times. An ever-growing dense population and the need...
Will Trump Survive Trumpism

Will Trump Survive Trumpism?

Do you remember what it’s like when you purchase a new car, and months later the “new car” smell begins to wear off? You start noticing smells like gasoline...

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