NRA boycott

Unraveling the Thread of Liberty: The Facist Youth of America

I find it extremely disconcerting that a former Supreme Court Justice, John Stevens, must be reminded as to why the Second Amendment was actually created: To protect the people...

21% of Americans Want to Repeal the Second Amendment

Anyone in this country that doesn’t believe their Second Amendment rights can be taken away is sadly mistaken. The liberals were able to even march out 97-year-old retired Supreme Court...

When tantrums aren’t enough: Protesting the Wet Beds of Unarmed Statistics

Has the NRA ever committed a single murder let alone planned or applauded one? No, not one? How not ironic. The only one's who have blood on their hands...

Bumbling Mitt Stumbles Into Utah Goldmine of Votes

Mitt Romney is back in the news. Once considered a RINO in the wilderness after losing to a weakened Barack Obama, Utah has embraced him. The former governor of Massachusetts is...

Breaking: Stormy Daniels Allegedly Denies Trump Affair

If a recently released Facebook message screenshot is to be believed, Stormy Daniels has a completely different story to tell her friends in private than she prepared for CNN...

David Hogg was at Home During the Parkland Shooting?

In a recently released excerpt of a CBS video documentary with the students behind the March For Our Lives movement, David Hogg seems to candidly admit he wasn't at...

Trump Confirms Border Wall in Omnibus

Early Sunday Morning, President Trump hit the Twittersphere again, but this time to confirm some hot theories bouncing around the Trump supporter circles: the huge military budget allocated in...

March for our Lives: In a Nutshell

An almost completely accurate representation of March 24, 2018 in Washington, D.C.  

The Federal Government is Finally Cracking Down on Sanctuary Cities

Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland should be plenty worried about President Trump’s announcement on Tuesday. He told law enforcement that "sanctuary cities are dangerous and we're going to take care...

Gun Control: The Slow Chipping Away

Here we are, back in the great debate, the imposed gun control saddle again, after the heart-breaking and tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland,...

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