February 20, 2018

The Man Who Would be King

Most people would be surprised if a businessman offered to openly fund an attempt to undo a democratic vote, taken by the people of a country that is not...
kenya presidential election violence

The Circus That is Kenya

NAIROBI — Kenya, an East African country, and an economic, political, and technological hub in the region, spent the entirety of last year trying desperately to reach new heights...
bbc propaganda

British Pravda

Whenever there is a coup, or a dictator wants to establish a regime, the first thing they do, once they have consolidated a power base is not to take...
cozy bear interview hacker DNC

Interview With a Hacker: Igor From Cozy Bear

Igor attacks corporate and government networks from the comfort of his...minimalist apartment in Yekaterinburg, Russia. His room is sparsely furnished, adorned only with a small bed next to an...

Afghan Peace Deal?

KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban leaders have arranged an "unofficial" meeting with Afghan government officials to take place in Turkey this weekend. Afghanis tired of a 16 year war are...

Burning Oil Tanker Sinks, Killing 32 Aboard

SHANGHAI, China — The Iranian oil tanker Sanchi exploded and sank into the East China Sea Sunday after burning for more than a week as the stranded vessel floated...

Shocking Images of Deadly Iran Protests

TEHRAN, Iran — Witness testimonies and photos documenting the violent clashes between Iranian protesters and police have emerged, and they provide a haunting look at the regime's human rights...

Geller: American Feminists versus Iranian Women

Risking life and limb, the women of Iran have been center stage in the nascent freedom movement in Iran - the symbol of this historic moment is an image...

Confirmed: Saudi Arabia Kidnapped Lebanese PM

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his short-lived resignation in early November under heavy duress from the Saudi Arabian government, according to a New York Times report based on...
Liviu Dragnea Romania Parliament

Romania Follows Trump’s Lead in Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

Romania will likely be the next country to join President Donald Trump in moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, according to Liviu Dragnea, Chief Deputy for Romania's...

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