February 20, 2018

Marxism: The Big Lie

The Liberal justifies their beliefs by their status as a Liberal, not by their deeds. The most sexist Liberal can think of himself as a feminist, while the greediest...

A Man Named LaVoy: From Farmer to Folk Hero

Government over-reach is not exacly a new concept. Furthermore, violent clashes between armed Americans and Federal agents seem to happen at least once per decade. I say "clashes" with...
How Democrats and Republicans see each other

America: Divided We Fall

The wicked spirit of division has possessed this nation of ours. No matter where you turn, there is the hand of reality to slap you in the face without...

Identity Now

Living in an era full of nihilism and desolation, one must maintain a level of optimism. I have always been able to see the glass as half full. Even...

America First is Not a Singular Term

When leaders, political pundits, and media spin terminology into divisive propaganda it is the foundation of Fake News. Fake News, as we have seen is nothing more than obstruction...

Conservatives: The Hercules to the Liberal Hydra

The left has been extensively successful in obtaining, and maintaining, control over certain demographics that comprise the majority of their voter foundation, namely: Women, in the form of feminists ...
Women's March

The Women’s March of Cultural Marxism

The radical leftists, called “The Women’s March," took to the streets today, on the one year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. The incongruity could be felt in the air and...
Alt Right

The Rise of the Alt Right

Donald Trump’s campaign brought on a whole new era of political movements. The dissident right has been operating behind the scenes for a long period, but Trump’s rise to...

Trump vs Bannon: Round One

Anytime the mainstream media can ridicule the President, or anyone surrounding his administration; they do so with a speed that matches the decline of Joy Villa's career. CNN and...
Doug Jones and Roy Moore

Something’s Rotten in the State of Alabama

I made a joke a few weeks ago that the Alabama Senate election should be decided by flipping a coin. A walking pinstripe of a man on our Facebook...

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