3 Billboards: Hollywood’s Exploitation of Tragedy


3 Billboards sadly missed the mark regardless of what the academy says! Granted, Francis MacDormatt was great as usual, however, the story is far from reality. The movie exploits a terrible tragedy, by making an excessive use of profanity, making people in rural America look like neanderthals and, a complete inept police force full of incompetent morons, much like the person who wrote the script.

The writing of the script is another example of Hollywood dumbing down America with the simplistic characterization of hard-working people in America, as well as employing race as a gratuitous motivation to use racial slurs, which is okay for the cool dudes in Hollywood, but not for anyone else.

I’ve spent time in various rural areas of our country, and the people are a lot more civilized with good values and tight families. What sick fantasy did this story evolve from? A true travesty in a story that could have been amazing, but pandering to the extremes, using superlatives to make it  edgy, which makes it irrelevant, instead of moving and timeless. Billboards is just another ‘let’s make ourselves (Hollywood) feel good making another empty PC ohhh, so cool, the #MeToo of Hollywood piece of mess’ go back to the drawing board!!

Hollywood needs a make over, all you have to do is see the behavior of our youth, making it acceptable by these kinds of simplistic and outrageous use of vulgarity and behavior!

F’s on all counts.


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