Department of Homeland Security Prepares to Create Database of Journalists


In an astonishingly Orwellian tactic, the Department of Homeland Security has announced a new proposal and anticipated plan that involves gathering information that will collectively serve a database intended to document, address and observe journalists, political activists, bloggers, and influential figures in the realm of politics.

In the document released by the Federal Business Opportunities, the DHS has stated its primary objective: “Services shall enable NPPD/OUS to monitor traditional news sources as well as social media, identify any and all media coverage related to the Department of Homeland Security or a particular event. Services shall provide media comparison tools, design and rebranding tools, communication tools, and the ability to identify top media influencers.”

This statement, while allegedly benevolent on the surface, could serve as a deception with the most dystopian of ulterior motives. The document likewise emphasizes its capability to track, identify and monitor any and all social media influences, in addition to mainstream journalists.

“Task One: Online & Social Media Monitoring

-Ability to track global online sources for coverage relevant to Washington and the six media hubs:

  • Ability to track > 290,000 global news sources
  • Ability to track online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources, and social media
  • Ability to track media coverage in > 100 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Translation function to instantly translate these articles to English…”

To reiterate, the DHS anticipates tracking over 290,000 global sources in over 100 languages. This tracking database will not only include mainstream journalists, but social media influences and bloggers as well. This dangerously totalitarian proposal is not only a violation of the First Amendment regarding the freedom of the Press, but also demonstrates the dangerous bias of the Department of Homeland Security- which is also illustrated in their identification of “right wing extremists” as being “reverent of individual liberty.” 

With individuals demonstrating characteristics of nationalism, personal liberty, rejecting globalism and embracing the right to bear arms being targeted as potential “extremists” by the federal government, this development of a database to identify and track political activists, speakers, bloggers, and journalists appears as a grossly dangerous tactic of the Department of Homeland Security.

What does it say that the federal government identifies those who believe in personal liberty as a threat? It says, quite audibly, “Molon Labe.”

“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here.” — Captain John Parker


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