Social Media: The Communist Manifesto of Censorship


Conservatives are currently engaged within an unprecedented aggression that has risen to prominence in opposition to right wing/traditional ideology. This ideological warfare is currently being engaged within the trenches of predominantly liberal social media; Conservatives of all facets, including moderates, libertarians, identitarians, and others, are being censored, banned, intimidated into silence, and even physically assaulted, for expressing politically incorrect thoughts. Virtually every social media site, ranging from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Periscope, to fundraising sites like GoFundMe, Patreon, and Paypal, and even marketing sites like Amazon, have all demonstrated an immensely authoritarian liberal tendency to censor all conservative voices that present alternative perspectives.

Whether nationalist or individualist, identitarian or libertarian, an enormous portion of Conservatives are all suffering the same totalitarian censorship. Mainstream Conservative activists and political figures are experiencing a widespread ban, for no conceivable or defensible reason.

Alex Jones has had his YouTube channel with 33,000 videos permanently disabled by YouTube, and was forced to set up a new channel. Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, and Laura Loomer have all been removed from Medium. Milo Yiannopoulos was temporarily restricted from Facebook for the use of the word “F*ggot”, his sexual preference notwithstanding.

Lauren Southern was banned from Instagram for alleged “fat shaming”. Theryn Meyer was permanently removed from Twitter, despite being a moderate, transgender individual. Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance are currently in the process of filing a lawsuit against Twitter for their persistent tendency to censor their content. 

Lauren Southern was suspended from Twitter for posting images of hedgehogs. 

One of the most prominent victims of social media censorship, is renowned Conservative comedian Baked Alaska. He was banned from Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, GoFundMe, Patreon, Paypal and Amazon. Others have also been targeted, including Black Rebel and the southern group the Hiwaymen, who have had their PayPal accounts shut down.

 However, not only has this form of censorship taken control over virtually every social media site, it is also practiced through physical intimidation, confrontation, and violence. This is notably illustrated in the violent protest at U.C. Berkeley that occurred in response to Milo Yiannopoulos’s appearance to speak. Instances of violent rioting, destruction of infrastructure, and fires were present. In the last week, Jordan Peterson, a moderate and critical thinker, was interrupted during a scheduled lecture at Queen’s university after a protester shattered a window and fled the scene, carrying a garrotte. 

If this isn’t sufficient, in the last 3 days, prestigious Conservative activist Brittany Pettibone was unlawfully detained by the British government, demonized as a “political dissident” along with her partner Martin Sellner, who is a nationalist voice in Europe, and both were thrown into prison. The reason? Sellner had intended to give a speech regarding free speech, and the British Government, deeming such a conversation as being ideologically dangerous, deprived him of his ability to do so.

Elsewhere in Britain, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, Leaders of the Britain First Nationalist movement, were wrongfully arrested for alleged “religiously aggravated harassment”, for protesting Islamic presence in Europe after four muslims were convicted of raping a young teenage girl. 

All of these instances point to the same dreadful, Orwellian reality; the future towards which we are swiftly spiraling is the quintessentially horrific, totalitarian dystopia one could possibly imagine. A new Nationalist movement is emerging, as a necessity, to resist these unprecedented globalist and authoritarian agendas that threaten not simply Britain or America, but all of the civilized and free world. Whether British, Irish, Nordic, Greek, French German, Italian, Polish, or Russian, all must be united in one accord, for the preservation of our respective countries of the Free World, to stamp out this authoritarian tyranny.



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