If you have any doubts to the depraved depths progressives want to submerge America, look no further than the once golden repulic of California. Inundated with $1.3 trillion in debt despite possessing the highest sales tax and marginal income tax rates in the U.S., California is now attempting to borrow from itself to pay outstanding retirement pensions.

Why? When counties and cities continuously offer exorbitant benefit packages – the over 20,000 residents currently collecting 6 figure pensions – while taxable revenues/incomes of private businesses and corporations are fleeing sufficating regulations in record numbers, somebody’s trying to eat Prime Rib on a McRib budget. Not to pour salt in insolvency or double dip those $15 minimum wage fries waving in the western horizon, but illegal aliens and their dependants cost California $25.3 billion a year according to FAIR’s 2017 report: The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on California Taxpayers. The states 3 million illegal immigrants and their 1.1 million US-born cost the average California household – headed by a US citizen – $2,370 annually. And what special allowances have been granted to those struggling, natural-born families who pay must foot the bill of the Democratic Party’s foriegn voter adoption and affirmative action estate? Mind your white privilege; even if you’re not white, live paycheck to paycheck, and still can’t afford to rent a cupboard in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights.

Enough about redistribution and devaluing a sentient being’s “worth.” Lets talk about how California residents can now knowingly infect another person with HIV without informing their partner of their status, but state workers (including teachers and social workers) can be fined or even jailed for not using the correct gender pronouns. In some educational institutions where gender-queer conditioning has become mandatory conditioning masked as sensitivity cognition, grade school students themselves can be reprimanded for not indulging their peers’ non-binary, role playing fantasies.

Ignore your genitals and reject your biological birth, liberate hate by wearing a dress, because liberal is more abnormal than just letting kids be kids without the inherited baggage of “sex” obsessed malcontents. But never fear, calling for the assassination of the President, beating peaceful pedestrians expressing political dissent or slandering any patriotic Republican as a Nazi bigot, is both commonplace, if not admirable, on enlightened college campuses and now in the “non-discriminatory” workplace.

Not to invoke the irony of future mugged constituents, california lawmakers proposition 57 mandating the early release for all “non-violent” criminals. And what exactly constitutes as a non-violent crime worthy of such leniency? Oh, just the rape of an unconscious person, human trafficking involving sex acts with minors, and assault with a deadly weapon. And here I thought legalizing child prostitution was but another attempt to normalize pedophilia among Hollywood benefactors lecturing Middle America about equality and tolerance.

Once you breech and discredit one ethical boundary – those societal foundations of gender, family, faith, and love of country – people will defend the most senseless, soulless acts for their existence is defined by limitless pleasure and percieved entitlement and a glaring inability to think for themselves. “Progress” isn’t derived by forcing people to handicap their success, bake a sacreligious cake to the extortion of financial ruin or forcing innocent children to Perverse Gay Pride parades and profane feminist rallies. Progress if realizing living the lifestyle of your choice, the literal sanctity of right and wrong, should never require confiscating the rights dignity of others solely to validate/advertise one’s bombastic beliefs.

With such inane reasoning masquerading as good government, it is of little surprise Governor Jerry Brown declared our immigration laws moot by further investing in sanctuary cities and attemting to obstruct ICE officials from apprehending known fugitives. When you’re more distraught over the safety and so-called rights of non-citizens than the death of a 32-year-old woman murdered by a man deported 5 times, prudence and justice are antithetical anomalies.

Not only are California illegals now eligible for drivers licenses, they can legally vote in an election if they are officially registered to vote. And what does it take to register to vote in the great state of California? A drivers license and a personal gaurantee you’re a citizen. Yes, you heard me correctly, the legitimacy of our elections, the survival of our 241 year old republic, is now based entirely on the honor system; or if you prefer perspective over subjective bliss, foriegn invaders who consciously broke our laws without a hint of regret only to be congratulated with a complimentary door prize, the honorary American oppressed immigrant mindset, of leftist socio-economic contempt.

I take umbrage with any self respecting American, God forbid elected civil servant who is completely indifferent to the estimated 3 million unlawful votes cast in 2016 simply because they believe small town America values and the electoral college should acquiesce to the moral degradation and militant activism of urnan epicenters like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago. Considering California alone accounted for over 10% of Hillary Clinton’s final vote total, 3.4 million difference that exceeded her 2.86 million final popular vote lead, I’m confused how those Donald Trump supporters representing over 90% of American territory – or precisely 3,084 counties of all 3,141 U.S. counties – should take a knee with Colin Kaepernick to empower a regressive state that dismisses the rule of law, mocks rural America and remains visibly contentious towards any concept of electoral soverienty.

There’s also another term for those politicians who willingly subvert the immigration process and disregard our voting statutes to their personal and civic benefit? Its called sedition, dereliction of duty, treason. If I may, when did defiant trespassers become “Dreamers” and doorbells a humanitarian crisis? Have millions of inspiring Americans from across the globe, for well over a century, not honored the afforded requirements for the privelege of becoming a U.S. citizen? Conspiring to invalidate prescribed protocols ratified to insure legal and orderly naturalization – those measures explicitly enacted to protect America’s citizens and welfare – makes about as much sense as giving convicted felons the right to vote because of “felon disenfranchisement”; i.e., the admitted hearsay of political opportunists salivating over the fact 60% of released California convicts are minorities who deserve the opportunity to vote Democrat.

The same bureaucratic terroristsĀ 53 dairy farmers to go bankrupt and/or relocate to saner pastures due to absurd regulations on cow flatulence are somehow entirely satisfied with the unsubstantiated word of an undocumented, unvetted immigrant. Surprised? Not unless logic and liberalism share a nonflammable unitard. And while peace activists remain adamant U.S. citizens must undergo extensive background checks to exercise their constitutionally affirmed right to bear arms – naturally excluding those potential militants illegally entering a sovereign country in a post 9/11 world – their unflinching “non-partisan concern” for human life magically ceases at the recognized borders of radical agents like Iran or North Korea; inhumane, totalitarian regimes that globalist duplicitously believe possess an inalienable right to develop nuclear weapons despite vowing to destroying western civilization. So, what’s the common denominator? Rampant, unabridged, unapologetic anti-Americanism.

When voting is no longer our most sacred duty and the integrity of our elections becomes a racist endeavor, as denoted by California’s refusal to investigate massive vote fraud uncovered in November 2016, America becomes a second class citizen Unable to defend itself in its own home due to fear of “offending” the same guests who would outlaw our flag, silence free speech and ban the national anthem if given only a fleeting chance.

In essence, any policy that strengthens or reaffirms America’s independence, influence and economic vitality is an affront to the liberal narrative america must surrender its identity and founding constitutional charter for being an evil empire built upon greed and white supremacy. Or in historically accurate terms, a superior culture displacing an ethnocentric population, which supplanted other nomadic societies via the auspices of war, commerce, adaptability and/or technological superiority. Whereas California and New York are hopelessly lost to the left’s orchestrated demographic coup d’etat and ideological conditioning of their respective populaces, states like Virginia, Colorado, and Michigan are not far behind.

Regardless of one’s political persuasion you don’t have to be a historian or even watch the history channel to understand that America was erected as a free republic for a moral, self sufficient people acutely aware of the triggers of tyranny, poverty, and the religious persecution. Individual liberty, limited government, transparency, and accountability were never optional amenities on an academic drug trip to worship the Lenin statue in Marxist Seattle. These autonomous attributes represented conceptional necessities whose only negotiable features were the exact method and expected integrity of implementation.

Unfortunately for the idyllic state of California, squatting on the world’s sixth largest economy and boasting vast untapped natural resources, it’s propensity for dysfunction and waste is only superceded by its systemic rejection of America itself. Whenever West Coast socialists are not charging working families and commercial transportation the highest fuel tax in the nation, environmental terrorists who cannot differentiate between ecology and political alarmism are manufacturing water shortages and sparking unnatural disasters with psuedo-scientific regularity. Fixing the error of your ways is near impossible when rogue political fantasy displaces sound judgement and the constitutional authority of your native country. How else can controlled thinning of excessive forestation designed to reduce the risk of uncontrolled wildfires, similar to the recent devastation which devoured 9000 homes/buildings and 250,000 acres of habitat, be equated to “clear cutting” or raping the land?

It is also of little surprise California elitists, aka doomsday legislators seeking another excuse to tax common sense, believe Global warming is not a natural, cyclical occurance predominantly caused by solar influctuations and the temperature of Earth’s core. Never mind Antarctic ice levels are far greater than 30 years ago and New York is not submerged beneath Al Gore’s “unnatural science” grade point average, if you believe a .03 reduction goal in global temperatures in a century’s time at an eventual loss of 2.5 trillion in annual GDP is a winning strategy than counting cow farts and banning combustible engine cars by 2040 is your golden ticket to getting on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) for reading 1984 without a permit. But never fret, Sacramento city council approved a motion to pay gang members for the conscious decision not to kill one another; or in layman’s terms, obey the law and stay in school. And to think millions of decent hard working Americans are ineligible because of their offensive civilized “privilege”.

Although its mathematically impossible to pinpoint what alternative universe California Democrats reside, our forefathers would have called for a second armed revolution long ago. No, really! Whether or not progressives approve of President Trump is a moot point if their policies and autoritative abuse do not adhere to the prescribed constitutional checks of adopted statehood. Likewise, embodying the fight for state sovereignty by no means justifies endeavoring to become like those impoverished, inept nations your exploding illegal immigrant population is instinctively fleeing. Its hard to fathom how the “Go West” mantra of american pioneers that catapulted California the unpresidented wave of prosperity, proud nationalism and a vibrant centrifuge for diversity, has dissolved into an immoral state cultural Marxism that believes that government is god, gender is a fluid state of mind, exploitation a form of education, and patriotism an unjust form of racial oppression.

It is obviously no secret that the predominantly “Red” stomping grounds of Ronald Wilson Reagan has turned into a bright blue by an unpresidented wave of immigration and indocrinated Anti-Americanism. That was and always has been the goal of the radical statist quo. Where this nation was forged as a beacon of hope and opportunity for millions of law abiding aspiring citizens seeking a better life, California has descended into a counter-intuitive cesspool that preaches victimization over accountability, reverse discrimination over equality, intolerance over intellectual diversity. No matter how pure your intentions or how strong your faith in the nature of human volition you cannot coexist with partisans so obsessed with maintaining political supremacy they would gladly surrender their own country to those who tirelessly seek our demise or break any rule to control our lives out of some misplaced social justice that gives no such credence to their own failures and hypocrisy; most notably, those corrupt foriegn governments globalists so foolishly favor to the liquidation of civility and the downfall of mankind. In its most celebrated form, modern progressivism is a communicable virus that consumes every last crumb of logic, vitality, identity, accountability, and unity from the American frontier.

While no American wants to witness the sessession of California, no more profoundly the disection of America’s legacy and the abandonment of our fellow right-minded countrymen who represent the powerless minority, how long can you spare a cancerous appendage before it spreads, poisons your soul and ultimately takes your life? Will apathy reclaim our revisionist classrooms or assuage the sponsored anarchist war on police and freedom of speech? Once again, the left’s goal is not to coexist under the idealogical umbrella that was and is America. Their unrelenting mission is to white wash history, ensure conformity and redefine America by eradicating all borders, natural human distinctions – symbiotic gender roles and the family paradigm – so the concepts of liberty, individual achievement, and morality quickly become outdated manifestations that can no longer threaten the secular supremacy of a progressive state. The systemic decay of California is as much a symbol of our failure as a society, as it is a dire warning to every governor and undaunted patriot that still believes that God is the liberty of salvation, character does fear consequence, and raising respectful responsible children is by far our greatest contribution to humanity that indomitable virtue of a free nation born from the bounty of a Judeo-Christian seed but distinctly American creed. If this transparent republic has any chance to coalesce and preserve the timeless wisdom of a handful of visionaries marked for death by the tyranny of a crowns crest, I believe that hope resides in the heart of an industrious people – a convened convention of states faithful to the independence of intelligent debate – still rightfully proud of their heritage and ever cognizant of the evil contempt and complacency breed.


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