21% of Americans Want to Repeal the Second Amendment


Anyone in this country that doesn’t believe their Second Amendment rights can be taken away is sadly mistaken. The liberals were able to even march out 97-year-old retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to bolster their cause. He gave an eyebrow-raising endorsement for its repeal.

The latest polls indicate that a scary 21 percent of thinking adults (maybe) in this country favor repeal of this constitutional right. That’s according to a poll taken back in February by the Economist/YouGov.

There is little doubt why the Founding Fathers warned future generations to be wary of uneducated citizens gathering too much political power. They are the present threat to this Republic.

This small minority of people is living proof of the age we live in, ripe with no-holds-barred social media, and a lack of American history in the classrooms. It shows how skewed our collective understanding of the Constitution has become.

The progressive-minded citizens of the far left think socialism is the route for this country.  Apparently, they are not fans of history, or they would think twice looking at present-day “socialist utopia” Venezuela. Perhaps blame the working parents for falling down on their responsibilities to their children, or the 24/7 chatter of teleprompter readers muttering one-sided trash.

The poll indicates a full fifth of Americans support a repeal of the Second Amendment. Only eight percent of Republicans were on board with that. These Americans truly believe that confiscating the private arms of citizens who are law-abiding is necessary to stop the killings.

The next statistic will come as no surprise.  Thirty-nine percent of Democrats supported repeal. Their march towards more government, more bureaucracy, less freedom and less choices is frightening. Thanks to the failure of our public school system and the liberal teachers union, it is no wonder this number is so high.

The big takeaway here is that Stevens is not an anomaly of the left. He’s not out on this anti-Second Amendment cliff by himself.

The ledge to oblivion gets closer each year  The Second Amendment is based on the God-given right of an individual to protect him or herself from harm. It’s not a government grant.  But that thought is being drowned out on networks like CNN and MSNBC with cries of “murderer” or “baby killer.”

It’s a human right, and the Constitution simply supports and protects by law what’s already afforded at birth. It is also the duty of the remaining 80 percent of this country to protect these rights. If we sit placidly by as states like California lead the way in self-destruction, we are our own worst enemy.

Thirty-nine percent of Democrats can’t see that. It is “fashionable” to be the opposition, since you appear “compassionate” and “tolerant.” They are destroying more than a Bill of Rights. They’re destroying the American concept of God-given.

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Dwight L. Schwab, Jr. is an award-winning national political and foreign affairs columnist and published author. He has spent over 35 years in the publishing industry. His long-running articles include many years at Examiner.com and currently at Newsmax.com and Newsblaze.com. Dwight is an author of two highly acclaimed books, "Redistribution of Common Sense - Selected Commentaries on the Obama Administration 2009-2014" and "The Game Changer - America's Most Stunning Election in History." He is a native of Portland, Oregon, a journalism graduate from the University of Oregon, and a resident of the SF Bay Area. Dwight has spent the better part of a decade prodding and poking the politically correct. Their usually humorless and prepared diatribes of anything that is not "tolerant" to them is open season for this conservative writer.


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