Americans Flock to Gun Organizations Amid Fears of Legislative Gun Grabs

Gun grab 2018
Credit: Allen Breed/AP

Another mass shooting at a school and your First and Second Amendment Constitutional rights are under assault by the usual suspects. The liberal media are determined to disarm you and take your constitutionally-guaranteed right to bear arms.

So what is the aftermath of the latest liberal storm of protest against law-abiding Americans? Memberships in the National Rifle Association are soaring. There is an avalanche of new paid members.

Google searches for “NRA membership” rose 4,900 percent since the shootings in Florida.  That was despite the usual liberal media diatribe, “progressive” politicians pandering to their base and the Hollywood elites who read scripts.

The hike in membership came despite the attempt to boycott the NRA. It sent throngs of people into the NRA’s open arms.

Time Magazine noted that the National Association for Gun Rights, that boasts 4.5 million members, estimated online membership applications at his organization rose 30 percent last week. That’s after Trump called for comprehensive gun reform legislation, including raising the age limit for buying certain weapons to 21.

In ultra-liberal Connecticut, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League received almost 200 requests in the last week. They have only 29,000 active members. The organization, Gun Owners of America, claimed “hundreds” of new members in the last week.

This new mass requests for gun organization applications is a direct repudiation of the left by ordinary Americans. It will not be reported on CNN or in the New York Times, but, nevertheless, is an actual fact.

These new NRA members are not shadowy lobbyists or gun-crazy fanatics, as Wolf Blitzer and Rachael Maddow will report. They are not beholden to gun manufacturers or some hidden master. They are everyday, normal Americans with families and jobs.

The hysterical chants of “Kill the NRA” can be translated into “Kill Americans that do not think like me.” They want to kill you, America.

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