Communist Radicals Recruit College Students With Mental Health Issues


AUSTIN — Over the last few years, Austin, Texas has become a hotbed for radical Marxist groups. One such group, Red Guards Austin, has launched an aggressive recruiting campaign on local college campuses.

These armed terrorists and their subsidiary groups have organized public events where their members march through Austin wielding AK-47s, while displaying signs with threats like, “Make Racists Afraid Again,” and openly calling for a violent overthrow of the American government.

Red guards austin
Revolutionary Student Front event in Austin, Texas (Far Left Watch)

I call them terrorists because anyone threatening to make other Americans “afraid,” while walking around with a Kalashnikov and hiding behind a mask is a terrorist. That’s the difference between a revolutionary and a terrorist. Revolutionaries don’t threaten their countrymen, they threaten tyrants.

Red Guards Austin is affiliated with several other local Marxist radical organizations, such as Defend Our Hoodz (Spelling & Grammar are for Capitalists), Serve the People-Austin and Revolutionary Student Front-Austin, which operates out of the University of Texas at Austin. RSF has faced controversy over holding militia drills and “self-defense” training on campus, as well as tweeting about killing police officers (How come they’re not banned, Jack?). No arrests were made over the threats, and campus faculty have not taken formal action against any of the students involved, arguing that their statements are protected by the First Amendment.

Only a week ago, they published a lengthy document outlining their “Revolutionary Mental Health Program (RMHP)”. Behind the innocuous title is a 13,000+ word account of how they recruited students with known mental health issues to be armed combatants in their radicalized militia. As if to alleviate any doubt on their intentions:

The primary goal of this program was to address the mental health needs of students in a way that would primarily serve to politicize and strengthen them, to become more committed to revolution and more capable of carrying it out.

In fact, not only have they been actively recruiting students with mental health issues, their own leadership are mentally ill…or perhaps mentally disabled? It’s hard to tell from the context, maybe both. All jokes aside, here they admit those running RSF are suffering from mental illness:

Orienting recruitment toward those suffering from qualitatively more intense mental illness, a population whose conditions in general serve as barriers to reaching the point of being continuous fighters (we say “in general” because many of the best organizers in the revolutionary movement and our organization also suffer from these conditions) does not accomplish the task of drawing from the most advanced sections of the people.

They also casually mention that this laudable effort was inspired by the Socialist Patient’s Collective (SPK), a German Marxist group that attempted to blame Capitalist “oppression” as the cause of mental illness. SPK promoted the belief that the mentally ill were a revolutionary class of people who could be radicalized and manipulated to fight a violent revolution for them.

Over the winter of 2016 and in the early spring of 2017, the leadership of RSF spent a significant amount of time studying the work “Turn Illness into a Weapon,” which recounts the experiences of the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK) of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, in 1970.

So, we have several groups of armed college students with mental health issues organizing a violent revolution against Capitalists (anyone who isn’t a Commie) and anyone they deem as “racists,” led by more mentally ill students, who also happen to be armed. Now, you’d think the FBI would be investigating these groups and the SPLC would be labeling them extremists, right? Think again. As of this writing, Red Guards Austin, Revolutionary Students Front and the various groups operating under the umbrella of the two are not under surveillance, nobody has made any formal investigations into their conduct and the incredibly-biased hategroup…I mean hate watchdog SPLC has not deemed them extremists.


  1. and only antifa (not a group, but an umbrella descriptive word) are, allegedly under some degree of watchfulness by hls or fbi, bit no one really knows. Funny, but my farthest left friends think this is a plot to destroy them, led by George Soros. Strange so many positions can have the same enemy in the wings, behind the curtain, holding puppet strings. Why If I were paranoid, I might believe it.



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