Conservatives Fight Historical Revision in New Orleans


The city of New Orleans has served as the prominent representation for the nationwide conflict over the preservation of the Confederate monuments. The historically rich obelisk for civil war memorabilia has become the center stage for liberal aggression, demanding that all historical monuments commemorating the valiant sacrifices of civil war dead be removed due to their recently controversial nature.

Notorious mayor Mitch Landrieu called for the removal of four significant Confederate monuments in 2015, which was approved by the city council. Consequentially, monuments of the Confederate President Jefferson Davis, as well as Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and P. G. T. Beauregard, were all removed.

Despite this, the ideological battle over the fate of the recognition of the civil war-era veterans continues to hang in the balance at a pivotal moment, as City hall has announced an opportunity for residents of New Orleans to discuss their proposals for the future of the currently vacant locations in which the monuments were removed. An effort is being made to respond to this attempted historical censorship that has occurred in the name of political correctness.

This effort, on behalf of the Conservatives who seek to preserve their historical heritage, is being led by Stephanie Marie-Louise, a prominent conservative political activist and descendant to General Beauregard. Ms. Louise correctly notes, in her argument laid forth in a petition on, that the debasement of monuments representing our civil war veterans could likewise extend to other veterans within no less controversial militarized conflicts within U.S. history, including the Vietnam and Iraq wars. In her proposal, she suggests that “one of the three more prominent sites be used to place a memorial to the men of Louisiana who were killed in action during the Civil War.

In a powerfully haunting observation, Ms. Louise notes that “ there must be no doubt, no precedent set, whereby the sacrifice of today’s solider will be erased by tomorrow’s politician.”

In order to successfully defend our historical monuments from leftist revision and censorship, it is absolutely necessary for Conservatives to unify in a singular effort to support the cause of Ms. Louise, and others like her. An unapologetic tenacity is necessary, in order to preserve the honor, history, and heritage of our ancestors, and the confederate blood that flows through our veins. We owe this respect, not only to the Confederate soldiers, but to the Union as well, to preserve in solidity their memory, courage and commitment to their cause.

To support Stephanie’s pivotal effort to preserve our historical heritage, follow to:


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