Unraveling the Thread of Liberty: The Facist Youth of America


I find it extremely disconcerting that a former Supreme Court Justice, John Stevens, must be reminded as to why the Second Amendment was actually created: To protect the people against all forms of tyranny, but most notably from the oppression or subversion of their own government. To rescind the Secomd Amendment is to pretend human nature, our penchant for hate, intemperance, envey and hostility, does not exist; including criminals obvious refusal to follow laws. Although I freely admit a firearm in the hands of a wicked soul is highly dangerous, it’s even more deadly and unjust when their unsuspecting prey have no equal measure of recourse.

Sadly, the growing prevalence of such absurd assertions. Are almost entirely predicated upon a misguided love of statism or intrusive, centralized government rather than rational thought based on the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Even worse, as a result of continous illegal immigration and the unforgivable reality some blue states are encouraging non-citizen voting, it is only a matter of time before America succumbs to single party-rule because being concieved upon the ideals of intellectual diversity, decorum, compromise, and universal checks and balances. In other words, when plotting, elected officials spend every waking moment undermining an administration’s most distict accomplishments and the media knowingly misinforms the electorate to the detriment and fracture of a nation, the descent into despotism is all but inevitable. Insatiable malice is like patriotism without sight: you cannot find wisdom in the ashes of your blind contempt.

Tyranny, unlike our regulated right to self-defense will endure regardless of era or circumstance because human nature, people’s lust for power and propensity to commit criminal acts of aggression, will always always exist to some degree. Whether it methodically undermines our societal values, siphons the earned fruit of hard labor, erodes mankind’s natural born rights or puts a boot of your uncooperative convictions, evil can manifest in any medium or willing personage. Unless legalized theft, free educational indocrination, state censorship and systemic oppression sounds distinctly “progressive” to the human condition, what could possibly be more necessary than preserving the last, detectable vestiges of American independence with your own two hands? Apparently, only “boring, old-ass parents” willing to defend their liberties, families and country are unworthy to vote in the eyes of today’s increasingly facist youth.

One of the most decieving arguements solicited by critics of individual liberty is that true security and harmony cannot be achieved without absolute control or submission to a totalitarian authority; one, which naturally, has no agenda, corrupt elements or nefarious intent. Considering Europeans and now some Americans are being fired, fined and/or jailed for simply voicing their opinions – i.e., free speech deemed hate speech for speaking non-politically correct truths – I would say Western Civilization is quickly deteriorating into a regressive state of mob rule, political intolerance, if not one of denial itself. The fact a frightening number of judges now justify supplanting the most self explanatory statues, legal precedents, with their own partisan beliefs is a grave threat to the equal application of justice, equality, but most significantly America’s Constitutional character.

Whether the issue is enforcing the absolute necessity immigration and ID laws, combating the uninterrupted brutality and discriminatory legacy of Islam, or simply agreeing two biologically born sexes do not require forcing people to recognize over 50 socially contrived genders, the masses ability to perceive the most rudimentary truths and safegaurd the foundation of any free, vibrant and moral society is fading beneath the cultural warfare of political malcontents: radical activists who dispise our way of life, founding heritage who seek to dictate your every thought and action. Never fear, this gradual dissent into madness lead by militant youth is the exact blueprint collectivists and Democratic Socialists have touted for nearly a century to bring about the end of American exceptionalism. To weave an enticing tapestry of tyranny you must first unravel the thread of liberty with the incited anger and imagined injustices of the ignorant.

Roughly, two teens are killed each day by texting and driving, a sum greater than the annual number of school shootings for almost every state, and yet no one has suggested banning cell phones, boycotting Apple or holding a national march. Why? Political theater, unlike common sense, requires deception to achieve a superficial end. If this Constitutional Republic and the so-called civilized world ever needed the right to bear arms and protect that which is indispensable – our lives, liberties and autonomy – that time is now more than ever. Otherwise, those one million new, Barack Obama the former president, so openly dreams of politically fathering will eagerly embrace the depravity of Marxism only to judge the imperfect transendence of America exclusively through the subjective prism of racism, sexism and greed. Or, in communist manifesto terms, the sensational propaganda an aspiring ruling class feeds to maintain theo entitled victimip mentality of a predominantly apathetic and gullible generation.

My apologies to the countless millenials who spend more time complaining about Snapchat filters than studying the unarmed infamy of Lenin, Mao, Stalin, and Che Guevara in school, but David Hogg isn’t changing the world…let alone anything. He’s merely reaffirming the ominous adage those who are unaware of the past are most likely to repeat it. And that especially includes any opportunistic hypocrite hijacking an avoidable tragedy solely to push a false NRA narrative his family already believed. While I do love a good farce, What’s more preposterous than a smug subordinate posing for a picture with Valerie Jarrett – a doting Marxist and Islamist – while complaining about his potentially infringed civil right to conceal the private contents of his packpack in the very Gun Free Zones that leftists publicly advertise the availability of mass murder? Apparently, the “grassroots” revolution of privately flown students will be televised on every major network with a complimentary democratic registration card and an iPhone map to every Soros voting machine in America. Irony, it seems, is not without a sense of morbidity.

“Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”     ~Ronald Reagan~





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