When tantrums aren’t enough: Protesting the Wet Beds of Unarmed Statistics


Has the NRA ever committed a single murder let alone planned or applauded one? No, not one? How not ironic. The only one’s who have blood on their hands are criminals, the mentally ill and those subversive agents who encourage disrespect for the law, America and their fellow man through the increasingly antagonistic, amoral mediums of pop culture, mass media and public education. If standing up for the necessity of the second amendment, the constitution and supreme law of the United States, is now synonymous with murder, what do you call former senator Joe Biden introducing “Gun Free Zones” which would inevitably leave millions of our children and loved ones defenseless to deranged militants; or better yet, lying and ambivalent bureaucrats seeking a counter-intuitive end for political gain?

Pretending evil does not exist – believing human nature can be cajoled by partisan rhetoric, staged protests or wishful thinking – will not save one soul from its wrath. Such ignorance will merely ensure logic and freedom, dies at the hands of armed propogandists who’s real objective is to increase the historically low Democratic turnouts during midterms and somehow impeach a president they failed to frame with their own treasonous plot. The same progressive zealots who conjured the fictitious term “assault weapons” to recruit a gullible public on the need for extensive gun control, despite the fact common hunting rifles like the Ruger-Mini have the same magazine capacity as an AR-15, want you to believe drugs, drunk drivers, medical malpractice and poor diets don’t kill expotentially more Americans in spite of widespread government regulation and individual self-awareness. Or if I may, is liberal acedamia still suggesting “throwing rocks” at armed campus intruders or “peeing” on rapists as viable solutions? Unless you truly believe that gun abolitionists have your best interests at heart, only to aid and rationalize the terrorist regime of Iran’s quest for nuclear armanents, pay no mind to the tactically trained and fully armed detail of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. Clearly, not all lives matter.

In other words, nevermind the FBI and Florida Law Enforcement egregiously failed their job and the American people by ignoring over 39 warnings of a mentally disturbed individual planning mass murder. The NRA, a predisposed target of radical leftists for decades must be blamed and brought before mob justice so rabid critics can politicize another tragedy to demonize the President while a handful of profane Parkland teenagers the liberal news circuit, pose for magazine covers, hire publicity agents and are flown to a national rally that never once condemned the actual criminal. Agendas? Never! Do you actually believe that selfie-obsessed students organized nationwide school walkouts as unsuspecting principles and educators alike eagarly joined the rehearsed chorus; even punishing those independent voices who abstained or disagreed in lieu of halting unruly children our tax-payer funded institutions for an obvious political stunt? And to think superintendents now regularly obsess over the tyranny of patriotic t-shirts or excessive snow days. When facts no longer matter, the historical dangers of a disarmed, coerced and powerless populace disavowed by the executioner of free thought, the only trigger being pulled is that of “justifiable” facism.

If ‘Enough is Enough’, as socially concious millennials love to proclaim, why is modern America so willing to embrace violent movies, video games and absurdly perverse nature of social media? If ‘Enough is Enough’ then why is the traditional family paradigm being derided as outdatted and misogynistic – only for open marriages, transgendered or same sex parents to be celebrated as enlightened and courages – as dysfunctional and single-parent households continue to proliferate? If ‘Enough is Enough’, why are kids, celebrities and politicians mired in a culture of disrespect, bullying and entitlement instead of embodying temperance, civility and personal culpability? If ‘Enough is Enough’, why is it ok for the free press to distort and selectively report the news, recklessly incite discord and prevent the public from making informed decisions, by knowingly pushing a hopelessly biased and often vindictive narrative? And if enough is truly enough, I’m sick and tired of glorified hypocrites slandering, silencing and physically threatening anyone who dares disagees with or denounces their juvenile, belligerent behaviour. Without decorum, a mutual respect for all people and viewpoints, democracy cannot endure.

Rather educating our youth to respect and properly use firearms, restoring basic values, teaching coping skills and instilling a universal love of life and liberty, political activists are breeding hatred and intolerance, through the intentional misinformation of mass hysteria. Then again, when eroding gun rights is a prerequisite of your totalitarian aspirations, distractions is always key. While the NRA and an overwhelming majority of gun owners  support thorough background checks and universal registration preventing violent felons and the mentally ill from purchasing weapons, no such level of outrage or demanded accountability has been bestowed upon grown adults mobilizing a rebellious student populace to conceal the fact parents, politicians, school administrators and a politicized intelligence community are the greatest contributing forces to enabling mass shootings. After all, if some of the strictest gun control measures in America have failed to deter the over 3,000 shootings and 650 homicides last year in Chicago alone, perhaps the secular humanists of urban decay should begin by disarming hardened criminals before asking law-abiding citizen’s to apologize for believing in the “offensive notion of self-preservation.

The moment playing the national anthem or reaffirming there are only two biological genders is far more of a concern than unearthing the contemporary roots of gun violence, is the moment you realize your life is the expendable garnish of conspiring globalists and your Constitutional rights the main course. The greatest trigger of hostility, death and tyranny resides not in the mindless finality of an inanimate object, the preferred weapon of choice, but in a regressive culture’s refusal to accept responsibility for its own unresolved failings. And that includes exposing the deceptive ploys of parading opportunists poisoning the founding creed of a once vigilant, proud and industrious society solely to sow the seeds of a distinctly anti-American, statist agenda: complete subjugation to the moral degradation and economic despair of absolute progressive rule.




  1. Congratulations Stephan. As always I enjoyed reading your post on Facebook and your thoughts on our society, our government, as those who are the first holler fire but hold back the water for solutions that is plaguing our our society, But are the very ones who are fanning the flames. I agree enough is enough.



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