Is Diversity Destroying America?

A post-racial America

Is diversity destroying America
Credit: Community contributor, fjcrum/Chicago Tribune

In Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone he says that, “Those who live in more homogeneous places, such as New Hampshire, Montana or Lewiston, Maine, do more with friends and are more involved in community affairs or politics than residents of more cosmopolitan areas.”

Putnam outlines the disastrous side of “diversity,” and the effects it has on a society. We can recall many politicians and corporate CEOs saying that “diversity is our greatest strength,” or “diversity is America’s greatest asset.”

Have you truly every asked yourself what is it that makes diversity so great? I am referring to racial and ethnic diversity. The great experiment was launched in 1965, after the passing of the Hart-Cellar Act. This was the catalyst for what we now know as diversity and multiculturalism.

Bowling Alone
Credit: Putnam RD. Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community. New York: Simon & Schuster; 2000

If diversity was such a strength, then why does the government have to force the American public to accept and partake in it? If it was a strength, wouldn’t people naturally participate in a diversified society? When corporate America says their company is more diversified, they essentially mean that its “less white.”

The vision of diversity and multiculturalism is to be less white. There is no other way. The ignorance and stupidity of people of European descent will be the downfall of the once great country.

Could you imagine Japan allowing foreigners, that had nothing to do with building their great empire, come in and control their future and destiny? Could you imagine Mexico allowing whites to move in and completely change the trajectory of their country? Even though it would be a “good” thing for them, they would never allow it.

The great “melting pot” is a very new concept, and was pushed on us while we were asleep. Ted Kennedy told Congress in 1964 that the Hart-Cellar Act would NOT change the demographics in America, and America fell for it.

Why did this happen? How did we go from a 90% majority, to now on the verge of becoming a minority in the country that our ancestors built? How does it even make sense? The majority of white Americans are asleep, and consumed with universalism and egalitarianism.

Robert Putnam pointed out that diversity has made Americans withdraw from public participation. The title of his book, Bowling Alone, has deep meaning, and he shows that America is not a united country.

We are a country of hyphenated people, and it was never intended to be that way. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson never dreamed that America would be this “melting pot” that we now know today.

The Naturalization Act of 1790 limited citizenship to “immigrants who were free white persons of good character.” The idea that our Constitution was created for all people is just preposterous. This is why there needs to be an in-depth conversation on the current system.

In my personal opinion, I think the idea of citizenship and democracy was well intended, but we are in a different era, and we are also in jeopardy of losing our identity. I am not saying that I know the best solution, but the system of 1776 is being used against the founding stock of the US.

People have become reclusive. Less people vote. Community clubs and organizations are crumbling. There is no longer a national identity. This experiment has been tried, and it is failing for people of European descent.

Racial identity is at the core of who we are. There are people who celebrate the idea of whites becoming a minority. There are songs that have been written celebrating the “browning” of America. Miscegenation is promoted in our schools and in our society.

What will America look like in 50 years? What kind of future will our children and grandchildren have? Look at whats happening in South Africa. I guess it will take that coming into your backyard for you to realize that we have handed over everything that our forefathers worked so hard to create.


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