The Egalitarian Mindset of Modern Christianity.

Questions need to be answered


I just completed the reading of The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds: An Up Close Look at White Nationalist William Pierce. This piece outlined the life and work of the late Dr. William Pierce, founder and former president of the National Alliance.

When I received the book in the mail, I automatically noticed the “life rune” on the front cover. Algis, or the life rune, is an ancient symbol from Norse paganism that represents an “elk,” and has been used by hunters for centuries.

This article isn’t going to dig into rune and Norse mythology, but the symbol being used as the National Alliance emblem ties into my presentation. I, myself, am a recent convert into Asatru, or the ways of our European ancestors. As I began reading this book, I assumed that Dr. Pierce was a follower of the old ways.

It turns out that he was, but there is a very important chapter in this book that outlines the negative impacts that Christianity has on racial identity and consciousness.

I grew up in an ultra-Christian home. My grandfather was a Pentecostal minister, and my step-father is currently a fundamentalist minister. Any individual whom is familiar with Pentecostalism or fundamentalism is fully aware that it is a life style, and not just a religion.

Norse Pagan

Today’s modern Christianity is very egalitarian, and supports any community who are willing to accept salvation in Jesus Christ. Let me be clear. I am not putting down your Christian faith, I am simply pointing out the potential negative impact that it has on your racial consciousness.

The chapter in this book, that struck a core in me, is titled “William Galey Simpson.” Simpson wrote a book in the 1970s called Which Way Western Man. His book outlines his journey from Christianity to Norse-paganism.

In the 1960s, Simpson struck out across the country to live a work-for-food lifestyle. He was searching for this simple style of life, where you work for whatever someone will give you. He stayed in different places, including the wilderness. Simpson outlines in the book that Christianity preaches about meekness, weakness, and simplicity.

Somewhere along Simpson’s journey, he realized that he was completely wrong, and so was the Abrahamic religion. Why would we reward and uplift weakness? Why do we waste our lives waiting on a life-after-death, when we have been given the gift of life on Earth?

Simpson sees how Christians look at their lives as being in “subjection” to a mean and jealous god, and if you do not live according to the Bible, then you will burn in a place called Hell for eternity.

He suggested writing our own bible, that celebrates strength and honor. One that celebrates our heroes and historical role models. I completely understood where Simpson is coming from on that point, but what he points out about racial consciousness is stunning.

With my upbringing in Christianity, I understand the point that Simpson is making. Christians believe that the world should be showered with the gospel. That Christ’s name should reach every corner of the Earth. The difference is monotheism vs polytheism.

Black Sun

Christian and Islamic followers believe that their religion should dominate the world. There are no boundaries, and everybody can get in on the prize. Simpson says that a Christian will trust a black Christian over a white Atheist. It removes racial identity, and replaces it with a religious identity.

Like I pointed out in the beginning of this article, I am not putting down Christians, nor am I mocking their faith. What I am saying is that modern day egalitarian Christians have completely lost racial identity. This is one of the reasons why whites have lost the drive to stand for their own people.

This is also what Dr. Pierce points out in his work. Asatru, or Norse-paganism, is an ancient European spirituality, just like the native Americans had and have their own spirituality. Our European ancestors worshipped the old Gods of the North, up until the Franks pushed their crusades East.

Our ancestors were stripped of their spirituality, all in the name of Jesus Christ. Pierce points out that when whites regain their racial consciousness, a lot of the time they regain interest in their ancestral roots, and that traces back to the worship of the old ways.

It was very revealing to read the words of Simpson, and his experience in Christianity vs Paganism. He is right when he says that modern Christians are part of the problem that whites face today.

I personally have family members who have no allegiance to whites because their Christian faith does not justify that importance. Their main prerogative is taking the gospel of Christ to as many people as possible. They simply do not believe that race has anything to do with their goals and the future of the country.

Christianity has evolved into an egalitarian mindset. There is a significant argument to be made on this topic. Many Christians will be opposed this article and possibly even offended. They are some of the most honorable people that our country has to offer, but they have failed to stand for our own interest. This is a subject that has to be acknowledged by our community.


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