Marxism: The Big Lie

The ruins of America, Post-Liberalism

The Liberal justifies their beliefs by their status as a Liberal, not by their deeds. The most sexist Liberal can think of himself as a feminist, while the greediest Liberal can think of himself as generous. This is because Liberals define themselves as being compassionate, open-minded and intelligent, not based on their actions, but their ideology. The only thing a Liberal can truly do wrong is to be insufficiently Liberal. This is perhaps the most attractive part of being a Liberal, as it allows you to be a shit human being, while thinking of yourself as better than everyone else.

Lets talk about the reality behind the fake feelgoodery and virtue-signaling. What will the Left’s plans for their dystopian dream entail?


All forms of Marxism are instinctually fascist in application. You can’t impose the restrictions of Marxism on a population without the force of Fascism. The two are forever married. What Socialists like should be mandatory and what they dislike should be banned. Legalizing gay marriage isn’t enough. Everyone must support gay marriage. Gun control isn’t enough, guns must be banned entirely. Hating everyone who opposes their ideas isn’t enough, all opposing speech must be shouted down and silenced.

The Big Lie

Marxists will always justify the evils of their ideology by employing the deceptive claim that it will end poverty. Abolishing poverty is impossible. Even if an end to absolute poverty could somehow be achieved — mathematics and physics be damned — relative poverty would persist. For poverty is also a perception where everyone compares themselves and what they have to others.

The death of religion

Socialism is a jealous god and no other god may come before it. A Christian Socialist is an oxymoron, as Socialism trumps faith. Allowing individuals to worship a deity implies that something exists which is greater than the almighty, all-knowing central government and its leaders. Stalin and Mao made sure their respective subjects worshiped no gods before them, under penalty of death.


If nobody is to be recognized as better or worse than anyone else, then success is injustice. Conversely, failure is victimization. If the doctor earns no more than the janitor, what motive does one have to become a doctor?

Double standards

There are two sets of rules. One for Socialists, and one for everyone else. It’s perfectly acceptable to trample on the rights of others or commit violence against them, because they are “inferior.” Anyone crazy enough to invoke critical thinking is labeled a “fascist,” and dehumanized to desensitize the population toward them.


Marxism, and its many sub-categories, were subtly designed to appeal to the disenfranchised youth. Karl Marx’s crowning achievement was in convincing others he had their best interests in mind, despite so much evidence to the contrary. This is why his philosophies remained the subjects of wide recognition and critical acclaim, even after decades of history had proven their application to yield horrendous results.

Contrary to what Capitalists claim, Marxism was not a failure. Equality, standards of living, economic output, human rights, scientific advances…these were not the goals of Marxism. The goal was singular: the absolute consolidation of power.


  1. Danny, that was Spot On!!
    As a fellow writer, you shame me, but make me want to work even harder in hopes of one day achieving your ability for succinctness.

    If you ever get bored, I own
    I would be honored if you ever posted some of your work on my site.
    You can contact me as Solar through my site, I own a couple of other sites, but this one, in particular, is for original works.

    • Thank you, I really appreciate that. I’m a Libertarian, but I lean right, unlike the trendy Anarcho/Socialism being sold as Libertarianism lately. I’ll check out your site here shortly, have an American night, Patriot.



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