My Journey From Traditional Christianity to a Native European Spirituality


I am sure that many of you have noticed a change in my writing and presentation on Twitter. You should always maintain a certain level of privacy in your life, but at some point, we have to start being honest with people who rely on us. Instead of beating you with another redundant political article, I want to talk with you about something more intimate.

Everyone on the right essentially comes from a Christian background. Whether you are Methodists, Baptist, Presbyterian, or Catholic, we all have Christian roots. Some people walk the narrow path while others choose to travel down different roads.

I, personally, have always been searching for something. There has always been a void in my spirit, and I’ve been searching for what could fill that emptiness. The Christians in my family would say that it is a lack of spirituality and Christ in my life, but I must assume it goes much deeper than that.

Every race of people should embrace their identity and their heritage. This has been a hot topic issue for whites all across the globe, but especially for us in the United States. I have always been intrigued by my heritage and culture since I was a young child. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your people’s culture and embracing the traditions that they have left behind. Whites throwing away our culture is the greatest betrayal of human history.

Going back to the void I was describing; I have finally found the piece that was missing in my spirit and soul. After following the path of my forefathers, there is something that I have recently discovered that has set my spirit free. Christianity has been a part of my family and life for a long time, but there is something else that was practiced by our ancestors long before Christianity was even thought about.

Asatru is a native European spirituality. It was practiced all across Europe before Christianity made its way into the European lands. Our Germanic ancestors were spiritual and faithful people, but not for Jesus Christ. Remember they knew nothing about Christ.

A really good friend of mine mentioned Asatru to me several months back. The word paganism was a negative word to me, growing up as a child in the Christian church. This friend made a really good point about the native religion. It is a lot like the religion of the Native Americans. If you think about it, each race of people had their own religions with there own Gods.

Just like Hinduism, Buddhism, and various other religions, we are all connected to different religions and spiritualities through race. Asatru is a lot like Native American spirituality. It is a polytheistic faith where they worship many Gods. I know most Christians will write me off automatically because we have been taught that there is only ONE God and any person who believes in multiple Gods are pagans. The Church uses the term “pagan” as a bad word, but it isn’t in reality. Paganism is any religion other than main world religions, but more specifically Christianity.

A few years ago, I tried to get back in church. My entire family is Christian, and I have always gone to church, but for ten years or so, I haven’t particularly lived the life. I never could reconnect with Christianity. Before you close this article out, I would ask you just to hear me out.

I thought it was me. I truly believed that maybe I had done so many “sinful” things, that God would not accept me back into his embrace. Part of embracing your culture and heritage is examining every aspect of our history. I am no expert in Asatru, so I am not going to attempt to give you a lesson in the faith, but I immediately felt something different. It was like coming home.

There is one thing that I can tell you about our native European faith; it embraces our ancestors and our folk. We believe that our family before us IS part of us. They live within us. They are part of our DNA. We carry them with us. I have always felt a connection with the family members who have passed and ones that I never met. That is something that really opened up my eyes when I began to learn about Asatru.

Learning about our past is spiritual in itself, but when you begin to learn how they worshiped, it is incredibly uplifting. Growing up in the Christian church, you have to consider the millions of people who walked the earth before the Bible was ever written into existence. Are those people burning in some place called Hell? Do you really believe that good people who knew nothing about Christ and the stories are burning for eternity?

I do not, and I don’t believe that you do either. There is one thing that I have learned from discovering my roots; it has lifted my spirit and my soul. I feel the connection. I feel the spirit of my ancestors and the Gods that Asatru speaks of.

The last few articles that I have written has probably lost me a few followers. This one will probably do the same thing, but I have to be honest with myself and with you. My followers. If you are Christian, all that I ask is that you understand that this is spiritual for me. I breathe the breath of my ancestors, and I do not plan on backing down from that. We have a right to exist and to remember our past.

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  1. I’m a Christian and as such I’ll make sure the first comment on here accurately represents what Christianity is about: loving others. As such I will not judge you or preach to you I’ll just say that if it makes happy don’t worry about what other ppl think. God bless



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