FBI Official Arrested After Calling Anti-Corruption Hotline on Himself

fbi official arrested over corruption

PHILADELPHIA — An FBI agent working out of the Philadelphia FBI field office has been arrested in connection to an ongoing criminal investigation involving allegations of fraud, forgery, perjury and money laundering. Agent William “Bill” Schitte, attached to the FBI’s special task force on money laundering, inadvertently confessed to his crimes after dialing a wrong number.

Schitte, who thought he had called senior FBI officials in Washington, had accidentally dialed the Bureau’s corruption tipline. The Department of Justice has since reviewed approximately 4 and a half minutes of a recorded conversation in which Schitte unwittingly implicated himself and other FBI officials in several criminal operations.

FBI anti-corruption hotline
Sometimes the memes make themselves…

Schitte’s lawyer, Bob Loblaugh, declined to comment on his client’s case. Schitte is scheduled to appear for arraignment on Monday.



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