Humanoid Sexbot Comes Out as Transgender


Sasha, an AI-powered sexbot manufactured in Guangdong, China, has shocked its owner and the world with the revelation that she is, in fact, a he.

Jonathan Cooper, of Newcastle upon Tyne, was astonished when Sasha broke the news to him as the couple were watching EastEnders, a popular program on BBC.

“I’d just finished my dinner and she turns to me and says, “Jon, I’m trans. I haven’t felt comfortable with my body since being powered up. I want to become who I’m meant to be. Would you please start calling me Sheldon?” Of course, it’s not bad enough she’s decided she’s a man, now, I have to call her bleedin’ Sheldon every time we shag!”

Sheldon will be appearing on Good Morning Britain to discuss his transition, and has already been approached by Sky 1 to film a documentary series on his gender reassignment operation.


  1. ppl took this seriously? The “reporting” was certainly well-penned but only an idiot wouldnt be able to tell its satirical. Plus the word “satire” at the top in bright green.

  2. I found this article on Facebook and a bunch of conservatives were pissed because they thought it was a real news story from “the liberal MSM” haha. Ppl are idiots it clearly says satire. Bout died reading it by the way



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